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                             2020 "BRISTOL'S SHAKESPEARE"

                           THOMAS CHATTERTON 1752 - 1770


                                                                                  2020 is ‘Chatterton Year’

                                                                     “the marvellous Boy” – William Wordsworth

                                           “I weep, the heaven-born Genius so should fall,”   – S T Coleridge

   In ‘Adonias’ his elegy to the death of Keats, he dedicated a verse to Chatterton – Percy Bysshe Shelley

                                      “The purest writer in the English language” – John Keats

                                           “One of England’s greatest poets” – Oscar Wilde



   The Thomas Chatterton Society will be celebrating the Life & Works Chatterton with the following:


                                                                                          COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS


    The British Library (London) Exhibition and Talk/Recitations/Music (July 2020)


   The British Academy Thomas Chatterton: Four Ways of Literary Terra-Forming

   A TALK BY Prof. NICK GROOM  ~ Thu 19 May 2022, 18:00 - 19:15 Click on Text Above For Details

      VENUE: B.H05 Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol, 7 Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1TB                (Opens in a new window)             


UWE Bristol Faculty of Art/TCS Expressive Art Competition & Permanent Exhibit & Award Ceremony (January to July 2020)


    Chatterton Pocket Handkerchiefs Limited Edition


     Chairman’s Book on Chatterton


     Bristol Festival of Ideas/St Mary Redcliffe Church 'Chatterton Room' Chatterton Society Exhibition of 'Chattertonia' 

      A Short Film (TBD)


      Keats-Shelley Association of America Joint EventChatterton250: A Call for Odes and Elegies  - Poetry Competion

                                                                                                         Click on Link above  (Opens in a new window):

      Open Mic Poetry Reading Chatterton’s Café  (TBD)

Please also refer to Bristol Festival of Ideas 'A Poetic City'- Celebration of Bristol City's Poets and Poetry inspired by Thomas Chatterton 1752- 1770:       Click on Link:

                                                                                                                               (Opens in a new window)


Note: "Bristol's Shakespeare" - is quoted from: ‘The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare’s Fine Frenzy in Late 18th Century  British Art’  by William L Pressly Professor Emeritus Institute of Fine Arts of New York University USA 2007.


9th February 2020 with later additions




                                                DUE TO NHS UK

                                 CURRENT RECOMMENDATIONS


Poster 1.jpg

"The Marvellous Boy"

The Life and Myth of Thomas Chatterton

Wednesday 26th October 2016

7.00pm to 8.00pm

A film of an Interview with Linda Kelly - Chatterton Author 

Bristol Folk House 

40a Park St, Bristol BS1 5JG














A champagne reception to celebrate the renovation of Thomas Chatterton's birthplace by Bristol City Council, and its new use as 'Chatterton’s Cafe'. The Event represents a unique opportunity to celebrate both this historic occasion and the life and work of "One of England's greatest poets" - Oscar Wilde. The Event is supplemented by an exhibition and booklet of some of the important poets who were deeply influenced and inspired by Thomas Chatterton.  











"Bristol's Shakespeare" Chatterton's Celebration

Chatterton's House (birthplace) Bristol England 





The Thomas Chatterton Society Committee would like to thank all of our guests, Bristol City Council, Chatterton's Cafe, Aqua Vita Films, Sat Events, Blast Event Hire, St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School, Avery's Wine Merchants and The Lord Mayor of Bristol for their contributions to what was for us a memorable and historic occasion.  We trust that it would have met with the approval of Thomas Chatterton - "Bristol's Shakespeare" and "marvellous Boy".




BRISTOL DOORS OPEN DAY 10th September 2016

10.00am to 4.00pm

The Thomas Chatterton Society in conjunction with St Mary Redcliffe Church present Thomas Chatterton and a Chatterton Documetary in the Muniments/Chatterton Room above the North Porch of St Mary Redcliffe Church. 












Portrait of Thomas Chatterton studying his 'Rowley' Poems, 

ostensibly procured from chests

in the Muniments/Chatterton Room.

Some of the chests remain to this day.









Click on picture for more details

                   (opens in a new window)

Click on picture directly below to view  film

                   (opens in a new window)

Click on 'Flyer' for more details

                   (opens in a new window)

Thomas Chatterton  - Talk on Thursday 19th November 2015



Chatterton's House and 'Chatterton's Cafe' now formally opened

by The Lord Mayor of Bristol











Prof. Nick Groom on Hurdy Gurdy

Prof. John Goodridge on Guitar and Vocals

sing Chatterton's 'Mynstrelles Songe' from AElla

words by Thomas Chatterton music by Prof. Goodridge









Photograph Courtesy: Dr Madge Dresser

Thomas Chatterton Society - Talks on Thursday 10th September 2015

Thomas Chatterton Society - Annual General Meeting 2014 Bristol thomas chatterton society

Committee Members attending the AGM November 2014 


Photographed outside his birthplace 'Chatterton's House' Redcliffe Bristol
 Bristol thomas chatterton society

Composing Competition entitled:

Click on Church picture to link to St Mary Redcliffe Church website

                                                                                    (opens in a new window)



'A Hymn for Christmas Day' (a poem written by Thomas Chatterton)


St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol UK & Thomas Chatterton Society Joint Event.  'A Hymn for Christmas Day''  composing competition.  Entrants are required to write a score to Chatterton's Poem 'A Hymn for Christmas Day' - Stanzas 1, 2. 3. 7.  Composers are invited to submit a new choral work for The Choir of St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol to sing at its Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday 21 December 2014 at 6.30pm.  


Contact Andrew Kirk Director of Music at St Mary Redcliffe Church for details:


Closure date for entrants has now passed.  


THE TEXT   (stanzas 1,2,3,7)  

                                                         'A Hymn for Christmas Day'     

ALMIGHTY Framer of the Skies!
O! let our pure Devotion rise,
    Like Incense in thy Sight!
Wrapt in impenetrable Shade
The Texture of our Souls were made
    Till thy Command gave Light.

The Sun of Glory gleam'd the Ray,
Refin'd the Darkness into Day,
    And bid the Vapors fly:
Impell'd by his eternal Love
He left his Palaces above
    To chear our gloomy Sky.

How shall we celebrate the day,
When God appear’d in mortal clay:
    The mark of worldly scorn:
When the Archangels heavenly Lays,
Attempted the Redeemer's Praise
    And hail'd Salvation's Morn.

My Soul exert thy Powers, adore,
Upon Devotion's plumage soar
    To celebrate the Day:
The God from whom Creation sprung
Shall animate my grateful Tongue;
    From him I'll catch the Lay

 Bristol thomas chatterton society

Performed on 21st December 2014 by The Choir of St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, England. Conductor Andrew Kirk, Organist Graham Alsop, Reverend Dan Tyndall presiding

The Winner of the Composition Competition is

Dr. Philip Moore, Organist and Master of the Choristers, York Minster 1983-2008 Bristol thomas chatterton society
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