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Educational, Enabling & Enhancement Initiatives - ('TripleE's)

                             'Poetry Oscars'

Illustrated Poetry Competition initiatives 2007, 2008, 2009 to celebrate Chatterton and encourage creative writing and painting amongst Bristol's youngsters. The winners were Gold, Silver and Bronze in three ages groups with Award Ceremony, cash prizes, certificates, exhibition of work, all entries in Bristol City Library Yearbook.The Gold Winners had their portraits painted by an esteemed local Bristol painter which hung in the Bristol City Libray for one year. Please watch the video next to this announcement.

The Society promotes Educational, Enabling and Enhancement Initiative Progammes to improve the lives of young people. These Initiatives, on any appropriate subject, are intended to provide for today's youngsters' opportunities, that were denied to Thomas Chatterton.  Initiative Programme Directors, may be any age, the Society will provide support for endorsed Programmes to ensure the successful execution of the Project.


If you would like to propose an Initiative Programme, please contact the Society via the contact page.


There are no restrictions on the nature of the Initiative Programmes. The key is that the programme idea should enrich and improve the lives of our youngsters. 

The 2016 Educational, Enabling & Enhancement Initiative - (TripleE) - July 2016

The Society's Initiative was based on work done in 2008 when the painter Guy Denning was commisioned to paint a portrait of the Gold Winner for the 2008 'Poetry Oscars'.  On the strength of that work the Society introduced Mr Denning to an opportunity to be represented in London by Box Galleries of Chelsea.  His principle exhibit was sold within 48 hours of the show preview. The principle exhibit is shown below:

The 2015 Educational, Enabling & Enhancement Initiative - (TripleE) - May 2015

The Society's Initiative is jointly with The London Stereoscopic Company Limited and two of Bristol's Schools.  It comprises a series of Workshops in which youngsters are taught about Thomas Chatterton's Life and Work and his significance to youngsters today and the link to 3D Stereo Photography through the Henry Wallis painting 'Chatterton' on display at Tate Britain Exhibition 'Poor Man's Picture Gallery': Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography - see News Page of this website. The students each build a 3D model around the theme 'My Identity' and learn how to take 3D stereo photographs. This technique replicates the method used to make the 3D Stereo photographs that were based upon Wallis's 'Chatterton'.  A publication of the students work has been provided to the schools.  Some examples of the student's work are shown below: Bristol thomas chatterton society

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