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The Thomas Chatterton Society


                                             PRESS RELEASE

                             2020 "BRISTOL'S SHAKESPEARE"

                           THOMAS CHATTERTON 1752 - 1770


                                                                                  2020 is ‘Chatterton Year’

                                                                     “the marvellous Boy” – William Wordsworth

                                           “I weep, the heaven-born Genius so should fall,”   – S T Coleridge

In ‘Adonias’ his elegy to the death of Keats, he dedicated a verse to Chatterton – Percy Bysshe Shelley

                                      “The purest writer in the English language” – John Keats

                                           “One of England’s greatest poets” – Oscar Wilde



   The Thomas Chatterton Society will be celebrating the Life & Works Chatterton with the following:


                                                                                          COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS


    The British Library (London) Exhibition and Talk/Recitations/Music (July 2020)


   The British Academy (London) ‘Meyerstein Chatterton Lecture’ on the subject of  ‘Thomas  Chatterton‘ (Date TBD)


   UWE Bristol Faculty of Art/TCS Expressive Art Competition & Permanent Exhibit & Award Ceremony (January to July 2020)


    Chatterton Pocket Handkerchiefs Limited Edition


     Chairman’s Book on Chatterton


     Bristol Festival of Ideas/St Mary Redcliffe Church 'Chatterton Room' Chatterton Society Exhibition of 'Chattertonia' 

      A Short Film (TBD)


      Keats-Shelley Association of America Joint EventChatterton250: A Call for Odes and Elegies  - Poetry Competion

                                                                                                         Click on Link above  (Opens in a new window):

      Open Mic Poetry Reading Chatterton’s Café  (TBD)

Please also refer to Bristol Festival of Ideas 'A Poetic City'- Celebration of Bristol City's Poets and Poetry inspired by Thomas Chatterton 1752- 1770:       Click on Link:

                                                                                                                                                                    (Opens in a new window)                                            


Note: "Bristol's Shakespeare" - is quoted from: ‘The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare’s Fine Frenzy in Late 18th Century  British Art’  by William L Pressly Professor Emeritus Institute of Fine Arts of New York University USA 2007.


9th February 2020 with later additions




                                                DUE TO NHS UK

                                 CURRENT RECOMMENDATIONS


Click on Chatterton picture

to watch on


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Thomas Chatterton

1752 - 1770

Chatterton's House

built 1749


17th October 2014 Bristol thomas chatterton society

© Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives Bristol thomas chatterton society

© Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council places Chatterton’s House, built in 1749, to Leasehold Tender

as Cafe / Restaurant:


“Bristol has an extraordinarily rich literary history, and Thomas Chatterton is at its centre. He was locally celebrated in his day, and after his death inspired one of the major literary debates of the eighteenth century. He was a significant influence on later writers from Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, from Oscar Wilde to contemporary novelists such as Peter Ackroyd. There is no grave to commemorate Thomas Chatterton, but we do have the house in which he was born. It should be a fitting memorial to a celebrated poet.”


   Prof. Nick Groom, Co-Founder in 2002 ‘The Thomas Chatterton Society’



“Bristol City Council has done an excellent job in the preservation and renovation of Chatterton’s House and we look forward with excitement to the successful long-term use of the birthplace of “Bristol’s Shakespeare”.”


   Michael Doble, BSc (Hons) AMInstLM Chairman ‘The Thomas Chatterton Society’









17th October 2014 Bristol thomas chatterton society

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